Nowadays, it seems like everyone aspires to be high levels of extra. In fact, a lot of us are getting really freakin' good at it — so it's not too much of a surprise to see us millennials being as extra as double cheese on your pizza.  

When it gets really funny though, that's when you see the people you would least expect actually nailing the concept of "extra." That's right, we're talking about parents, and today I want to show you some of the most extra moms and dads out there.


From dads who just can't even to moms who are keepin' it more real than Shaquille O'Neal, we've found some of the most hype parents out there. Of course, if you have any stories of your parents acting extra, tell us in the comments! 'Till then, check out these parents living the level of extra we all aspire to be...

1. When they're too busy taking fire selfies.

Twitter |  @rwilley112

Hey, it doesn't take long to change a diaper, but getting the lighting right in a change table bathroom? That takes work!

2. When the punishment fits the crime.

Looks like cleaning a room isn't that tough after all, huh? I mean, compared to mopping the rain. What's next, raking the grass? 

3. When everybody deserves good vacation memories.

Twitter |  @cutiechaser_

That doggo is so into this that it's hard to tell if it was the parents' idea or the dog's! 


4. When Dad's gotta protect his bff.

Imgur |  crazycatlady1996

It's true, sometimes their fur babies are going to be better looked after than their real babies. But come on, you can't compete with the cuteness of a socked and hatted pupper! 

5. When your mom has a savage catfish game.

Looks like you just can't measure up, girl! Hahaha, downgrade — that spoke to me.