1 out of 10. 

That's how many dogs will find forever homes. That's how many get a happy ending. The others?

They'll be left to fend for themselves. On the streets. In the shadows. Forgotten. 

Until someday maybe someone hears something. Sees something. Does something. Acts. 

This is a story of one such day, one fateful day where members of the Chicago Police Department decided to follow a noise. A hunch. Where it led? Well, let's find out! 


This incredible rescue story starts with an abandoned building. 

Officers from the Chicago Police Department heard some concerning noises from outside. 

flickr | Zol87

They decided to investigate. When they entered the building...

...they were shocked at what they found. There, living in the shadows, stood two skeletal dogs. 


The dogs, Emmy and Oscar, were both obviously very ill. The police knew what to do. 

They took the dogs to the Trio Animal Foundation for help. 

Emmy was a mere 22.4 pounds and anemic with an elevated white blood cell count and a dangerous level of dehydration. 

It would be a long road to recovery for this sweetheart.