It's no secret that many magazines photoshop their images. I mean, even people online are doing the same thing. It seems like everyone is doing a little edit here and there to make sure that their photos look perfect. Hey, whatever floats your boat. 

Some photoshop jobs are barely noticeable, but others can look a little weird. When I say weird, I mean that some of these photoshop fails do not look humanlike. So creepy! Check out these 13 obvious photoshop fails! Some people definitely need to practice a little bit more. 


1. Gigi and Kendall 

This photoshop job is pretty freaky. Look how long Gigi's arm is. Dang, girl! 

2. Another One 

A Barbie doll probably has knee caps that are more defined. That's sad. 

3. Abs 

3. Abs
Instagram |  @photoshoplevel

He has been hitting up the gym like no other. What's your workout plan? 

Stop the lies! 

You're not fooling anyone.