Happy Movember! It's a time to embrace your testosterone and let your lip hair go wild. And if you're anything like me, that spot under your nose is your least favorite place to shave anyway. So what do you have planned for your 'stache? If you need some inspiration, we've got your back.

However, before we get too carried away, it's worth remembering that Movember is about more than just a time to give your razor less to do. Movember is about raising money and awareness for men's health. Too often, men will shrug off visits to the doctor and ignore their symptoms, both physical and mental, and it can cost them their lives. So if you're getting into Movember, do it for a reason. Grow your mo with purpose and help to change lives for the better.


1. Stern and disciplined, you could set your watch to this 'stache. 

Imgur |  navyosteopath

2. You have to wonder if this magnificent mustache holds the photographer's spare lenses. 

reddit |  skaguyy

3. When people salute him, they salute the 'stache, too.

reddit |  thekarachiite

4. Yosemite Sam lives!