She Doesn't Want Her Children To Wake Up Alone Or Afraid

Miira thinks it is unnatural for children to sleep alone and has the same enthusiasm for co-sleeping as she does for breastfeeding. "My children have never had to cry to sleep, or sleep on their own, or wake up in the night and be afraid — because I'm there."

Daily Mail | David Hedges | SWNS

What Does Her Husband Think?

Jim says he will continue to allow the breastfeeding to continue for now, but he admits that when it comes to the co-sleeping, he feels left out because he can't read bedtime stories to his children or spend as much time with them as he would like.

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Weighing The Pros And Cons

However, Miira doesn't feel that the downsides of her parenting choices outweigh the benefits, and any time she brings up the idea of stopping the breastfeeding, her daughter gets very upset. 

Daily Mail | David Hedges | SWNS

What Do The Experts Think?

The World Health Organization suggests that mothers strictly breastfeed for at least the first six months of their child's life and can continue for two or more years as long as it is supplemented with proper nutritional foods. 

According to Dr. Maria Iacovou, a sociologist at the University of Cambridge, "It's very rare to find someone who is still naturally feeding a child of six years. But there is absolutely no evidence that there is anything wrong, so why would mothers stop if it works for them[?]" 

Daily Mail | David Hedges | SWNS

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