First, we got Kylo Ren's brick-house bod in The Last Jedi, and now we've got Eric Killmonger's rippling pecs in Black Panther. It has truly been a banner year for shirtless men in movies. 

However, one girl's unquenchable thirst for Michael B. Jordan has got the internet screaming. 


If you've seen Black Panther, then you are probably aware that Michael B. Jordan is a damn snack.

He is something

We already know that the best superhero villains are also hotties, which means Eric Killmonger in Black Panther is one of the greatest villains of all time. 

There is one scene in Black Panther in which Eric Killmonger challenges T'Challa to a battle to the death for the right to rule Wakanda as its king.

But what really matters about this scene is that Michael B. Jordan takes off his shirt. 

Let me just tell you that the entire theater made a sound when it happened. 

Tumblr |  tonystarkl

We knew that this movie was going to inspire record-breaking thirst, but we had no idea it would cause a dental emergency. 

ICYMI: The cast of Black Panther is gorgeous. It's honestly surprising that we haven't heard more stories just like this one. 

It all started when an orthodontist shared an incredible story on Tumblr in response to a post about Michael B. Jordan. 

According to him, one of his patients was so overwhelmed by Michael B. Jordan's shirtless bod that she actually snapped her retainer. 

Honestly, I get it. 

Tumblr |  nitramaraho