By now most of the world is fully aware of just how kind and generous the great Manny Pacquiao really is. Despite the total aggression, power, and dominance he demonstrates as a professional boxer, Manny is actually one of the most kindhearted celebrities in the entire world. We all remember when he built 1,000 houses and gave them to the less fortunate in the Philippines, but apparently the Pac-Man is at it again!


Though Manny Pacquiao was born into poverty, he was able to find both wealth and fame through hard work and determination.

But he never forgets about those humble beginnings.

He often credits the people who were there for him in his youth as some of the most important factors in his success.

So maybe that's why he's constantly trying to give back to the Filipino community. 

Most recently, Manny decided to fund the building of 104 brand new houses for the less fortunate in his home country. 


Providing safe homes for the less fortunate is something that Manny is quite passionate about.

As mentioned earlier, he paid to have over 1,000 houses built in recent years for the same cause. 

Seriously, does it get any better than this guy?!

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