Let's take some time to give credit where it's due - ATTENTION ALL MAKEUP WIZARDS! YOU HAVE A GIFT! 

As someone who unsuccessfully faces the daily struggle of simple things like eyeliner, I love to give recognition to the gals (and some guys!) who effortlessly produce beauty.
It truly amazes me what a contour and highlight are capable of. Meanwhile, once a year I make an attempt at some eyeshadow and come out looking like I've been clocked in the face twice. 

So kudos to those with the gift!


1. This girl is a sorceress of beauty!

Seriously, how does one even accomplish this? Although her talents with foundation are quite impressive, why would you ever want to cover up those amazing freckles?! I've always been so envious of women with freckles. 

Reddit |  breakno

2. How on Earth?

No really, how? What really gets me on this one is that she even managed to recreate those sculpted pecks. And how does one even go about creating facial hair out of makeup? I can barely apply eyeshadow in an appropriate fashion. 

Reddit |  BoyBillion

3. Big differences!

The more I stare at this, the creepier it gets. If you don't think that makeup artists possess magical talents after seeing these half-face makeup looks, then you're in denial. Denial, I tell you! Sorry, this situation has just got me feeling some type of way. 

Reddit |  hybridx

4. An accurate representation of most females.

I relate to this on a spiritual level. At school or at work? No makeup and a messy bun will suffice. Going out to the bar, a party, or dinner with friends? I like to take things to a level that the Kardashians would be proud of. 

Instagram |  @angelica_tosi