Lips hold all of our secrets; until we open our sealed mouths we are a mystery to everyone. That is, unless they care to look at what color your lips are, and then they can get an idea of what kind of gal you are. Bold and passionate or practical and shy, your lips say a lot about yourself without being spoken out loud. What's your favorite lipstick and what's your personality? See if they match up!


1. Mauve

A softer shade of purple, mauve gives a sense of power and luxury and just a hint of mystery. Wear this color if you are a strong and confident woman who is proud of their sophisticated style and you love to take charge! The soft color makes you feel more feminine and allows you to portray a sense of wonder. 

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2. Hot Pink

Outgoing, energetic, and bubbly are just a few ways to describe you if your fave lip color is hot pink! You are the center of attention and can brighten up a room with only your smile. It's easy for you to make friends and you're always excited and dedicated in whatever you do.

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3. Coral

Coral lipstick reflects a love of the outdoors. Whether you're on the beach or taking a hike, the sun and skies are your best friends. The environment is closest to your heart, along with your family.

4. Taupe

This shade of lipstick makes you seem warm, wholesome, and comfortable. This color of lip means you're an orderly type of girl who is dependable and genuine. You want to be natural and find the good in everything.