5. Learn some pressure points.

Don't fight hard, fight smart. If you know exactly where to strike, a fight can be over before it's even started.

6. Home invasion? Head for the kitchen.

If there's no other escape, go to the room in your house that's full of potential weapons: Your kitchen. You know exactly where you keep your sharp knives while the intruder doesn't.


7. Let your hair down.

Ponytails and braids are easy to grab and hold onto. Leaving your hair down until you get to your destination can make it much harder for a potential attacker to gain control of you from behind.

8. Toss your wallet.

No one wants to give up their wallet. But if you're in a situation where you're forced to surrender it, don't hand it over — throw it a few feet away. Chances are good your mugger values grabbing the wallet more than keeping you at bay. Tossing it will give you a window to run away.