I just finished this article and I am in shock.

There are so many tips that I had no idea about, and yet they are SO SIMPLE! It actually makes me mildly enraged.

Why didn't I know about keeping lipstick off my teeth? Who was hiding the secret of getting full lips? Why do I need a credit card for eye makeup? WHY?

Well, now that I've discovered all these amazing tips, don't worry, they won't be kept secret from you.

These 20 unreal tips will keep your makeup looks flawless and ensure you get the most out of your fierce look. I mean come on, you deserve it.


1. Don't dab on a few dots of concealer. Create a triangle under your eye to hide those morning bags.

2. Turn your eyeliner into a gel eyeliner by heating it up with a lighter. Your eyes will be on fire!


3. Don't drown yourself in it, just pop a spray of perfume on your wrists and dab in all these places.

4. To keep your lipstick lasting all day, hold a tissue over your lips and lightly dust a translucent powder over the tissue. This lipstick tip is amazing, but number five you NEED!