We're all well acquainted with the unrealistic weight standards that the media puts forth, particularly for young women. We see magazine covers with female models that are stick-thin and as a result, millions of young women feel forced to mold their bodies into that shape. In this cultural context, eating disorders have flourished, ravaging the lives of many of our youth.

Now this next story characterizes this problem all too well. One young woman was "lucky" enough to get a modelling contract by being discovered on the street. She was immediately thrown into the modelling world and discovered that she had to lose at least twenty pounds in order to fit into the clothes. What she did to fit in was tragic...

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1. The modelling industry is as popular as ever, but to fit in, you need to abide by a strict standard. If you aren't thin enough, you have to become thin enough.


2. Modelling agencies oftentimes hire models in their teenage years and sometimes do so without the supervision of a guardian or parent.

The combination of the allure of modelling, the pressure to have a specific body type, and the impressionable young age that many models are recruited can be a recipe for disaster for some. 


3. Meet Victoire Macon Dauxerre, an 18-year-old French student who was suddenly discovered one day on the street with her mother by a modelling agent.

4. She was quickly thrown into the whirlwind that is the European modelling industry.

What happened next highlights what is wrong with this line of business all too well...