I'm going to repeat this a few times this article, because it's important to reiterate: There are NO discounts on tattoos. You get exactly what you pay for. 

Don't say you've never been warned.

With that being said, tattoo fails cause great enjoyment in the online community. Myself included. There's nothing that makes your drunken stupors seem less drunk and stupor-y than seeing what others do under the influence. I assume they were intoxicated, because how else do these pieces of "art" happen? Low education...broken homes...lack of hugs as a child...sure, all those probably contributed in some way to these tattoos happening, but I have to imagine alcohol was involved in almost all of these.

On a final note, even low-end tattoo artists generally use pre-drawn stencils. Just something else to look out for before permanently scarring your body. 


1. This Charmander was just one of many horrible Pok√©mon tattoos on the internet. 

reddit | ferozer0

2. Life is miracle. Little details like grammar and the scientific explanation of the origins of our species are irrelevant. 


3. The man on the left is country music legend, Conway Twitty. The abomination on the right is a disgrace to the good man's name.

4. What makes her cry more? The onion tattoo, or growing up without a father figure that established boundaries and said "no" every now and then? 

reddit | Nathan_Flomm