There's just something so elegant and classy about lace and I think it's about time that we start using it more in our DIYs. 

Let's bring back a classic! To get us started, here are some fabulous DIY ideas using lace. 


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You can get lace at fabric stores, craft store and if you keep an eye out, sometimes even the dollar store. 

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1. Ombré Lace Jewelry

This isn't your grandma's style jewelry — or is it? 

What's old is new again, and this beautiful lace jewelry is where it's at! You can leave the lace as-is or trendy it up by doing this cool ombré effect. Either way these are some serious showstopper pieces for your wardrobe. 


2. Spray Painted Toms

An old piece of lace makes a really good stencil. You can lay it over top of an old pair of Toms and create this cool effect with spray paint. 

Perfect for that pair that are so comfy but look like they've seen better days. A little spray paint might just rejuvenate them! At the very least, it'll cover any stains. 

3. Business Card Holder 

Leather and lace were made for each other — so much so that Stevie Nicks even made a song about it. Great song, give it a listen sometime!

That's why this business card holder looks so great! Love the whole leather and lace look.