Conspiracy theories, specifically celebrity conspiracy theories, simply make the world go 'round. Most of us know about the theory suggesting that the real Avril Lavigne is actually dead, and the same goes for the one suggesting that Pharrell Williams is a time traveler. Such fun! 

I've heard multiple conspiracy theories surrounding Katy Perry (like the one that she's actually JonBenét Ramsey), but this one definitely takes the cake. You see, there's a conspiracy theory floating around that Katy is a cannibal. Yes, a cannibal. Here's the evidence behind the theory. 


You're probably familiar with how in May of this year, Katy Perry released the music video for her song "Bon Appétit."

Throughout the video, Katy appears as the main course in multiple stages of the cooking process. Weird, right? 

YouTube |  KatyPerryVEVO

At one point, she's posted up in a giant pot of boiling water. 

In another scene, she appears covered in flour while multiple men are kneading her skin like dough. It seriously just gets more bizarre as the video goes on. 

YouTube |  KatyPerryVEVO

And let's not forget about the scene at the end of the video where Katy is preparing to dig into a nice pie filled with human limbs.


So basically, the entire "Bon Appétit" video along with a supposed French interview Katy gave earlier this year have convinced the internet that Katy likes to dine on human flesh.

Although no one can seem to locate the audio for the supposed interview, many websites have attributed a quote to her, saying that in Hollywood, many people say that human meat is the best meat, but that it's "gotten a bad rap" due to "squeamish Christians and their hypocritical virtues." 

Instagram |  @katyperry

And naturally, Twitter had some thoughts about the entire situation. 

Some tweets were pretty straightforward, like this one. 

Twitter |  @TripGodMusic

Some tweets even suggested that Taylor Swift and her followers (aka Katy's enemies) were behind the conspiracy theory. 

Twitter |  @NickTScully

And others related the theory back to some unprecedented legal cases, like that of the "Cannibal Cop" that gained huge media attention back in 2013. 

Twitter |  @Sixcheeks30

So what do you think? Is Katy Perry really a cannibal? 

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