Jason Statham is known for being a high octane action star. Crazy gun action, crazier driving and stunt work like you wouldn't believe. Well, his real life doesn't appear to be any slower than his on-screen lives. The man does everything to the limit! Maybe that's why he's so good in action flicks – you act what you know, and he knows how to live fast. Here are 16 facts about his life that prove that he really does know how to kick it into high gear!


1. Jason Statham began his working career as a street seller.

He peddled knock-off goods in the streets of London with his father, describing it jokingly as product didn't fall off the truck – it was pushed off and he caught it.

2. Jason Statham worked as a model before he acted.

He didn't like his own smile, so he would pose with a scowl – and this is actually what lead to him being picked for casting by Guy Ritchie, because he looked so tough.


3. He starred in a Kit Kat commercial.

Remember, you're not a salmon. It's weird to have Statham advocating taking a break, but there you have it.

4. It's very unclear when he was born.

What's known is that he was born on July 26. However, the year is the tricky part. According to different sources, some say 1967 while others say 1972.