Can you think of the last thing you did that left you red-faced? Was it just a fluke, something beyond your control, or just something you overlooked that came back to haunt you? Just imagine how that must have felt if it was amplified under the flashbulbs of the paparazzi.

It comes with the fishbowl of fame that cameras are bound to catch you at your worst eventually if they're trained on you 24/7. Celebrities must have to spend some time making peace with that fact. How else would you live down some of these moments? 


1. Jennifer Lawrence trips at the Oscars.

It was all good - she had a giggle and got a standing ovation.

Entertainment Weekly | Andrew Winter / Getty Images

2. Ashlee Simpson's cringe-worthy lip syncing on SNL.  

Couldn't help feeling bad for her when it all went wrong.


3. Christina Aguilera's spray tan runs.

What terrible timing, while belting out "At Last" at Etta James's funeral. To her credit, she didn't stop until the song was done.

4. "Adele Dazeem".

Travolta couldn't have butchered Idina Menzel's name much worse if he tried. It became an instant meme, but there were no hard feelings. Idina got her playful revenge at the following year's Oscars, introducing him as "Glom Gazingo".