5. Freshen your breath

You can make your own natural mouthwash by mixing equal portions of hydrogen peroxide and fresh water together. As with any mouthwash, remember never to swallow. Also, keep in mind the taste will be bitter.


6. Make a toothpaste solution

Stop buying expensive toothpastes that promise to do what a simple mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can. Check out these recipes for your own hydrogen peroxide-based toothpastes. 

scoochmaroo | Instructables

7. Treat toenail infections 

Did I forget to mention that hydrogen peroxide is a natural anti-microbial? Use it to treat infections at home with this simple process: soak the infected foot for 20 minutes daily in half a gallon of warm water mixed with half a cup of three percent hydrogen peroxide. 

Dylan Ellis | Media Bakery

8. DIY Miracle Cleaner 

This cleaner works on everything from upholstery to floor grout. Simply add two parts of hydrogen peroxide to one part of your current liquid soap and apply to the area needing cleaning. For more information, read the full tutorial from Modern Day Moms.