I honestly thought I'd seen it all when it comes to weird and wacky fashion trends. It turns out I was sorely mistaken. Berlin-based jewelry designer Nadja Buttendorf has created a line of jewelry that resembles human body parts. Yes. Human body parts. Her silicon "ear" earrings and "finger" rings come in a wide variety of skin tones and look so creepily real that I'm wondering if Halloween came early this year. Keep on scrolling to see the photos of this bizarre new jewelry trend...


Having two ears is so 2016. With these earrings, you can sport four! So trendy. 

I think the weirdest part about these earrings is that the clasp is made to look like another piercing. Are you confused yet?

Don't fret, these earrings come in a variety of skin tones so everyone can sport this new jewelry trend! 


Why stop at ear earrings when you can rock an extra finger?!

Yes. This is a ring with an attached finger. You aren't seeing things. 

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