11. You wanted to be trendy and try the hot silvery ombre/balayage trend, but it ended up looking like burnt pumpkin.

I love pumpkins and anything and everything to do with fall, but I'll pass on the brass.

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The Solution: use purple shampoo to tone your hair. It won't make you look like Barney, I promise.

The purple counteracts the yellow tones and makes it cooler.

Also, be patient! Understand that achieving the perfect ashy color is a process and won't happen in one day!

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12. You thought you bought the right shade of foundation, but it totally oxidized on you without your permission. 

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The Solution: use a lighter setting powder over your whole face or use concealer in the spots that you want to be lighter, like under your eyes and cheeks, your forehead, chin, and the sides of the cheek and jaw.

13. However, you may find yourself accidentally applying too much powder.

It might look like you just opened a fresh bag of flour and it burst in your face.

While I love baking, it's not really a good everyday wearable natural look.

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