Ignorance might be bliss but at some point, we all seek out the truth. 

If you happen to be Plato, then you might just spend your whole life searching for it (don't quote me on that — it's been a long time since Intro to Philosophy). Little did he know, the only place he needed to look was about 2,500 years into the future and on the internet to find those nuggets of truth! 

Just be careful to avoid the fake news...


1. Success is relative, after all.

Can you really call yourself successful if you didn't stomp on the dreams and aspirations of others for your own personal gain? I didn't think so. 

2. Finally, a politician we can trust. 

This is my mantra for life, by the way.

Reddit |  elbowstoopointy

3. That's a very accurate description. 

First of all, feet and food should never be in the same picture. Just...never. Unless that's what you're into, and in that case, who am I to judge? 

Instagram |  @savagerealm

4. You asked for it.

Learning about the birds and the bees used to be a sacred, awkward moment. The internet has ruined that rite of passage for the next generations.