Online shopping can be a super convenient way to get what you need. But it can also be an absolute nightmare filled with false promises and fake deals. 

When you shop online, you're always risking getting something that is nothing like what you wanted. 

And sometimes people get spectacularly duped. When that happens, it's best to just laugh... 


1. This mom just wanted to treat herself by buying a cute pair of gold leggings. 

I am screaming. 

How did she not realize that those are literally leggings for a Bratz doll? I don't care. I love this. 

Twitter |  @lilveggiez

2. Can we all just agree to stop ordering our prom dresses online? Because it's not working out. 

She looks so miserable. I feel for you, girl. 

That dress is truly a nightmare. 

Twitter |  @_Annie_AreYouOk

3. These teeny tiny combat boots are weirdly adorable. 

But these boots definitely won't be helping anyone complete their Halloween look. 

I guess these are for super punk-rock babies or something. 

Twitter |  @Sallamandersal

4. I mean, I'm not 100% sure, but I think these jeans might be just a little bit longer than they said they'd be. 

He literally looks like he's wearing scuba flippers. 

Twitter |  @GeorgeRiggall