Everybody goes through changes, but the one thing in my life that won't change is my obsession with Hello Kitty! Even when I'm 50, I'm still going to be buying Hello Kitty toys. I can't help myself. I'm not the only one who loves Hello Kitty — many people love it just as much. If you love Hello Kitty as much as I do, then you need to check out these adorable manicures! 


So, so, so cute! 

Instagram |  @katiamnail

I love the ombré nail.

And the bow too.


I want this 3D Hello Kitty nail so badly! 

So girly. 

Even though these are incredibly dramatic, I'm down to get my nails done like this.


Hello Kitty peering over the heart is just lovely. 

I'm screaming at how adorable this is! 


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