Aww, the infamous heart tattoo. By now it's probably one of the most requested items, and there is a large majority of people who fall under the category 'inked' that have one. There are so many variations of the heart tattoo—there's realistic, there's big, there's tiny, there's severely girly, there's the lover's names, there's 'mom's' and 'dad's' etc. etc.—it's hard to cover them all. 

But of course, we're going to try our best and take look through some of the most individual and best heart tattoos around. Warning: this will make you want to get one, just saying. 

1. It's always good to have a reminder...

Iconosquare Instagram | @k_bronna

2. Ahhh the homage tatty, always great. 

Inconosquare Instagram | @edgarchoreescalante 

3. And for all the realists out there...

Instagram | @lucsuter