There is nothing pleasant about scraping ice off your car window or shoveling out your car in the winter, but for those of us that live in colder climates, it is not something that you can escape. Unless, of course, you hibernate like a bear in the winter. I would like to do this, but unfortunately my bank account tells me I have to pull my behind out of bed every morning no matter how cold it is. So since we have to brave the elements and drag ourselves to work, we should try to make things a little easier, right? 

Here are 15 winter car hacks to help you get through another blistering, snowy blowy season. Share this article and help out as many people as you can! 


1. Foggy windows can be a real problem in the wintertime. 

Shaving cream could prove to be really helpful. 

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2. For a quick fix, just keep a chalkboard eraser in your car. 

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3. Desperate times... 

If you ever find yourself in a pinch without an ice scraper, just pull out a credit card from your wallet. Sure, it might take you a while to scrape off the ice, but it is better than nothing, and hopefully you won't find yourself without an ice scraper again. 

4. If you can, park your car facing east. 

The sun rises in the east, so hopefully it will naturally defrost your windshield in the morning. That way you won’t be stuck scraping ice in the freezing cold.