Eat, sleep, gym, repeat. Who can keep that up? 
What about eating the entire contents of your kitchen cupboard (and some of your roommate's)?
What about lying on the couch for so long that you start to morph into it, entwined in what some would characterize as a lover's embrace?
What about face-timing your own oven so that you can tell when your pizza is done without leaving your bed?!
Well, for all of us that hold those things dear, this one's for you.
P.s - Obviously you should like, be healthy and whatever. It's good for you. But sometimes you need to just be a disgusting hot mess of a human and not be judged for it, OKAY MOM?!
...sorry about that. Moving on. 


1. Sometimes the intention is there, but you just need a little nudge. Or, you know, a big escalator. 

Imgur | OldManStar

2. And if you do make it to the gym, you just need to take a lot of little breaks. 

No one even notices, right? 


3. You make ambitious goals that you already know you have no intention of achieving. 

4. But then you have a stroke of genius, and you feel suddenly motivated! 

Why didn't you think of this earlier?