There have been a lot of comebacks throughout the years, but only a select few can be considered great. These people know what it's like to reach the top, and they definitely know what it's like to endure the struggles many famous people deal with throughout their careers. However, they've never let anything or anyone hold them back. From the top to the bottom, and all the way to the top again, it's the 15 greatest comeback stories of all time.


15. Michael Jordan

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Sometimes even the best need rest. When MJ retired from basketball he took his chance at professional baseball. However, after a MLB player strike, Jordan knew it was time to return to the court. With many critics saying he was past his prime, Jordan took the Bulls to the playoffs AND proceeded to bring the city of Chicago its second 3-peat under his reign. 


14. Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is now considered one of country's greatest legends; however. there was a time when many people thought he had lost his appeal. Taking a musical journey through gospel and children's music, Cash's popularity decreased dramatically. Luckily for him, all-star producer Rick Ruben came along and helped him create the American Recordings album — ultimately showing the world just how cool Cash really was.

13. Muhammad Ali


When he refused to be drafted into the armed forces, the boxing hero was banned from the sport in all of the American states, forcing him to take a three year hiatus from the ring. However, Ali came back with a vengeance. He took part in what is now known as "The Fight Of The Century" against Joe Frazier and eventually worked his way back to the top of the boxing world.