Timing is everything in life. It could be finding the right opportunity at a great time in your life, having all the stars align for that special moment. Or it could be while snapping a pic at just the right second like these photos, capturing some real out-there and funny moments.


1. Summer edition of a classic pose.

The Creation of Adam with a little fun in the sun twist. Can only imagine all the failed takes of this photo with the dude in the air crashing into his buddy. Anything for the gram!

Reddit | Chicken-poxer

2. When you move during a panorama.

This guy's girlfriend sneezed during one of those panoramic shots, giving her an extra head in the process. Didn't know iPhones had a feature to show the different sides of your personality. Neat!

Reddit | JuddJasper

3. This Disney icon having an existential meltdown.

Looks like Minnie has seen a lot since her years in the spotlight. Having been around for ages and never really fulfilling her relationship with Mickey has taken a toll on the once chipper mouse.

Reddit | catch22milo

4. This casual act of cannibalism.

For any of you real observant people who'll complain in the comment section, yes I know, that's definitely an alligator with a Croc in its mouth. But it's close enough people, give a guy a break!

Reddit | JakeTheSnake134

5. This unassuming dude on the subway.

Excuse me sir, but that hat is far too small for your head. If you're going for that novelty look though, I applaud your creativity and confidence out in public.

Reddit | Grouphon