Timing is everything in life. It could be finding the right opportunity at a great time in your life, having all the stars align for that special moment. Or it could be while snapping a pic at just the right second like these photos, capturing some real out-there and funny moments.


1. Summer edition of a classic pose.

The Creation of Adam with a little fun in the sun twist. Can only imagine all the failed takes of this photo with the dude in the air crashing into his buddy. Anything for the gram!

Reddit |  Chicken-poxer

2. When you move during a panorama.

This guy's girlfriend sneezed during one of those panoramic shots, giving her an extra head in the process. Didn't know iPhones had a feature to show the different sides of your personality. Neat!

Reddit |  JuddJasper

3. This Disney icon having an existential meltdown.

Looks like Minnie has seen a lot since her years in the spotlight. Having been around for ages and never really fulfilling her relationship with Mickey has taken a toll on the once chipper mouse.

Reddit |  catch22milo

4. This casual act of cannibalism.

For any of you real observant people who'll complain in the comment section, yes I know, that's definitely an alligator with a Croc in its mouth. But it's close enough people, give a guy a break!

Reddit |  JakeTheSnake134

5. This unassuming dude on the subway.

Excuse me sir, but that hat is far too small for your head. If you're going for that novelty look though, I applaud your creativity and confidence out in public.

Reddit |  Grouphon

6. Road tripping with your best bud.

You can tell he's pretty unimpressed with your DJ skills and had to confiscate your iPhone in order to stop the nonsense. Give him half an hour and you'll be back on speaking terms.

Reddit |  ltmurra12

7. The Doggie Drive-Thru.

See, now that you patched up your playlist disputes, your best bud stopped to grab coffee for the both of you to apologize for overreacting. All is well in the world and it's back to the road!

8. This cow just passing some gas.

I heard through the online grapevine that carbon emissions from cows are worse than that of any means of human-created emissions from transportation or industry. Now I believe it.

Reddit |  Ihaveseenufos

9. This cat attack in progress.

Not sure what the girl did to provoke such actions, but let's all assume it was justified because she is bracing herself, meaning she knew this would be the result.

Reddit |  mike_pants

10. When you own a dog not of this planet.

You found her alone in a field lost with that space helmet on and you decided to bring her home. Aside from her not being able to cope with our atmosphere, she's pretty happy!

Reddit |  damnwhiskeyrichard

11. This little guy getting more than a mouthful.

I think the best part of this pic is dad in the background chuckling to himself as his little boy is getting blasted in the face. Daddy knows his toddler is all good, no worries here.

Reddit |  burkybang

12. When you see it.

Nothing out of the ordinary when you look at the photo at first glance, just a friendly game of beer pong during a nice summer day. Do some investigation, and it seems something else is happening.


13. A wild fire spirit has appeared!

Fire has a weird way of capturing all of your attention when huddled around a strong campfire. Could be the work of this fire pixie appearing at just the right moment to spread her warmth.

Reddit |  ralphfaith

14. This underwater duo.

The air coming out of the dude's nose, in combination with his super pale friend, makes him looks like some water spirit capturing his buddy to take him into the depths of the sea.

Reddit |  Swedish_chocolate

15. This majestic three-headed beast.

If I ever saw this epic creature out in the wild I'd probably just stand there and appreciate it in all of its glory. It seems more docile and far less menacing than Fluffy from Harry Potter.

Reddit |  spicedpumpkins

16. What a unfortunate time for a towing.

I think parking restrictions should be lifted for situations like this. I mean, I wouldn't want to be a part of the argument trying to get that hearse back on the street.

Reddit |  mrPicklez70

17. This old school punk rocker's hairdo.

I wonder how long it takes to style their hair into such an intricate design. That's some dedication right there, and it totally completes their whole getup.

Reddit |  bestdayforpizza

18. This selfie with the twins.

All you wanted was to capture this rare quiet moment with the kids, while baby number two has to go a ruin it with a little spit-up. Babies always find the best times to spit up their food.

Reddit |  @kboechs

19. This eagle who's keeping up with the times.

If you squint a little, it looks like the eagle is taking a picture of you. Seeing birds with people arms kinda freaks me out, in the same vein as clowns or old movies.

Reddit |  NanoBuc

20. This alignment of the...not stars, but something close to that.

I legitimately want to change my desktop to this and just wait to see what kind of combination comes of it. This is some Emperor's New Groove kinda stuff.

Reddit |  Asum-sum

21. This disaster just moments away from being noticed.

Apparently, this was taken right before they realized what had happened. They look so happy, but not for long! Nothing like lighting yourself on fire to suck the fun out of a birthday.

Reddit |  MURPHtheSURF

22. This accidental kiss.

Too bad he wasn't a French bulldog, right?! Get it? OK, I know I'm not funny, but give me a break here. He just looks so happy and innocent, and she looks like she hasn't realized what happened yet.

Reddit |  GallowBoob

23. This picture that depends on the angle.

I know yoga can be a very personal experience, but haven't these people heard of personal space? On a related note, this reminds me I need to start stretching more.

Reddit |  Czarvana

24. This perfect time to pause.

This is literally me whenever my cat wants attention. Why can't you meow and paw at me like a normal animal? I don't need to see your butthole!

Reddit |  GiantRobotMonkey

25. This slightly terrifying photo.

Calm down, people, she's wearing white eyeshadow. It's just the angle — we're all OK. This is good to know, though: don't look down when wearing bright white eye shadow.

Reddit |  GallowBoob

26. This balloon that is literally me.

Am I smiling? Am I not? Is it all just an act that gets me through the day? Other than the frankly terrifying balloon, this is a nice shot.

Reddit |  thenamesteve

27. This dog who has HAD IT with family picture day.

This dog is all of us when we're forced to sit still and take picture after picture. They're all gonna be bad, so can we just go home now?

Reddit |  Kingjosh87

28. This kid who's literally cruisin' for a bruisin'.

When she lands, she's NOT going to be happy. I can hear the crying now... It's OK though, kid, we got a great picture! Isn't that worth anything?

Reddit |  bashful_braciasoar

29. This fabulous pupper.

Look at how happy she is. Those cute little closed eyes and the calm look on her face. She just wants to feel the wind in her hair and to experience freedom in the way she's always dreamed.

Reddit |  bEvenhui

30. This mishap in the making.

Mom told him to stop squirming around, and then this happens. If you notice the mother's eye angle, it seems she's more concerned about spilling that expensive cocktail than dousing her baby boy in alcohol.

Reddit |  TrailTrumpet