As far as I can remember, I was always a good student. I tried very hard not to disappoint my teachers. I was even referred to as a teacher's pet. Karma will get me. As a parent, I'll get notes like these coming home.


1. We've all been here

I think it was my sister who was the source of this note. Although I never cut my hair, my friends would always steal a strand.

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2. When the student becomes the teacher

It's definitely not the worst note you could get. If I got this note, I would ask where that skill came from. Kid didn't get it from me.

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3. Classic

I didn't try and weasel out of school until I was much older. This kid has the right idea, though. I wish I could play video games all day.

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4. Ewww, nope!

I would not want to be the parent who had to deal with that. I'd be the parent who accidentally forgot and discovered the worm on laundry day

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