8. You think coffee makers magically clean themselves 

They don't. Descale it once a month and wash the nozzle and wipe the outside at least once a week. 

9. You're forgetting garbage disposals

Flush them out every once in awhile and remember to send down ice cubes and lemon peels to deodorize. 


10. You're being cruel to you knives

I can't say this enough: KNIVES SHOULD NEVER BE CLEANED IN THE DISHWASHER. Hand wash. Dry. And put away. RIGHT AWAY. Every time. No exceptions. 

11. Handles and knobs are collecting germs

Your family touches the handles and knobs on the fridge and cupboards throughout the day, everyday, spreading germs to them. You then go into your kitchen to cook and are touching the same handles. See the problem? Give them a wipedown with antibacterial spray often. 

Main image via Ecoscore
Collage images via 1. Only My Best Recipes 2. Cutting Board