The internet has been around for long enough now for us all to know that it can be used to have some pretty darn funny things shipped right to your doorstep. (And when I say funny, boy do I ever mean funny.)

Topping the list of funny (and arguably strange) things you can buy on the internet might just be the following five items that us ladies can buy for our tatas. And I know what you're thinking — yes, these are all real items that can actually be bought online.

Take a look for yourself:


1. Cold or Freezing Fake Nipples

Apparently that  look of a nipple roaming free in its "natural habitat" is becoming a new trend, and with these handy dandy stick-on nips, your girls will be the perkiest of the perky!

Apparently they're even recyclable so you don't have to feel bad about hurting the environment. You must be sold on this product now! If that doesn't do it, I don't know what will ;)


2. A Breast Comfort Pillow 

This one is definitely funny, but it's also kind of practical. Whether you're an A cup or a DD, the pain is real! Sometimes laying on your stomach feels like it's just not meant to be, but with one of these guys, it is!

It looks big enough to fit virtually any and all sizes, and it also looks pretty easy to store. Worried about what your house guests will think? Just tell them it's a cup holder!