As sad as it is to think about, there are some problems we can't solve. From faster ways of traveling to beef made without harming a cow, it seems like we're hitting new breakthroughs every day. Once upon a time, a cancer diagnosis was the most hopeless news you could have, but the steady march of research has made the menace treatable, survivable, and in some cases, even curable.

Yet, it only takes one person's struggles with an unknown condition to remind us how much work still needs to be done. After all, there's nothing more disheartening than to meet someone with a problem you deeply empathize with but can do nothing about.

Yet, we can never lose hope. The answers to seemingly impossible problems have a surprising way of revealing themselves sometimes and our history has no shortage of "eureka" moments that would go on to change everything.

Hopefully, such a moment will come for 19-year-old Rahma Haruma, who has to live with an unfortunate and baffling condition.

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Rahma has been called "the girl with no limbs."

However, this isn't quite the issue. The Nigerian teen seemed perfectly healthy when she was born, but things started to change when she turned six-months-old.

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Her mother first noticed it when she wasn't able to crawl.

After that, her arms and legs simply stopped developing and left her without the ability to walk or move around.

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As if that wasn't bad enough, she also suffered from chronic pain.

Her ailing started with a simple fever but then grew into stomach pains before she started to feel it in her arms and legs.

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When this pain strikes, she can't move her limbs at all.

So she relies on the help of her family, who she says gives her everything she needs.

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