I don't know about you, but I literally freaked out when I found out Rihanna came out with a makeup collection. I love makeup, and I love Rihanna, so mixing the two together is basically a match made in heaven! 

Rihanna has been working on Fenty Beauty for a while now, and honestly, it was worth the wait. The makeup line has received a lot of positive feedback, and many are obsessing over her contour sticks, lip gloss, and highlighters. But the foundation in her line has everyone applauding. 


Buying foundation is never easy. 

The skin has many different undertones. And if you have a very light skin tone or a very dark skin tone, chances are you probably struggle with finding a foundation that will match your skin tone. 

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But have no fear — our girl Rihanna came through for all of us! 

Her Fenty Beauty makeup line has a wide range of 40 foundations. Now, that is a lot, but it's about time that a beauty brand finally comes out with foundations that cater to so many different skin tones. 

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And Krystal Robertson is proof that this foundation is a fit for many. 

Krystal Robertson is an albino women who bought the Fenty Beauty foundation in the shade 110, and let's just say that she is loving it. 

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Because of her skin tone, she has trouble finding a foundation that matches her.  

She loves this foundation so much! She even captioned the photo saying that this product is making her rethink all the other times she wore foundation that made her look orange! I'm so glad that she found a true match. 

Instagram |  @acondria

The foundation looks lovely on her, and it matches her skin beautifully. 

Instagram |  @acondria

Keep up the great work, Rihanna! 

I can't wait to see what else is in store for Fenty Beauty. 

Are you loving Fenty Beauty so far? Comment to let us know! 

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