If you've seen the 1998 film Ever After, then you'll know exactly why Drew Barrymore is one of my favorite actresses. From dramas to comedies to romances, Drew can seriously play any role. And although I've loved the actress for years now, I had absolutely no idea that her childhood and teenage years were so tumultuous. Her family background and early life are pretty interesting, and definitely a little bit tragic. But what I love about Drew is that she persevered through the tough times to become the wonderful actress, mother, author, and philanthropist she is today. Keep on scrolling to learn 16 fascinating facts about one of Hollywood's greatest, Drew Barrymore! 


1. Drew comes from a long line of famous actors, so she was basically destined for great things. 

Not only are both of Drew's parents actors (John and Jaid Barrymore), but her grandfather was famous Hollywood actor John Barrymore. 

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2. Everyone thinks that E.T. was Drew's first acting gig, but she actually began her career at a much younger age! 

In 1975 at just 11-months-old, Drew starred in a Puppy Chow commercial. 

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3. Drew is the record holder for the youngest person to ever host Saturday Night Live

She was only seven years old when she hosted the show for the first time in 1982 and has since hosted SNL a whopping six times. 

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4. Drew's godfather is the iconic Steven Spielberg. 

Not a bad person to have watching over you! 

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