When 8 Mile burst on the movie scene, no one expected it to do as well as it did. Not only did it shoot the already popular Eminem to super stardom, it also won him an Oscar! The movie had some harsh scenes and a romance that ended up not being as romantic as we hoped. With such a great movie, and a lead as amazing as Eminem, there's got to be some cool behind-the-scenes things from 8 Mile!


1. 8 Mile was the first movie to have a rap song win an Oscar!

2. The character of Future is based on Eminems real life best friend Proof!

Funny enough, Proof played another rapper called Lil' Tic.


3. In the movie, Rabbit got his nickname because he had big ears as a kid. In real life, Eminem's nickname was Mickey, after Mickey mouse, for the same reason!

That's kind of cute!

4. The director asked Eminem to dye his hair back to it's original color so the audience could better relate to Jimmy Rabbit, rather than Eminem.

I personally think he looks better with dark hair!