We're all used to seeing the same fresh-faced, generic models in fashion campaigns and advertisements. Don't get me wrong, the girls are beautiful, the fashion is fantastic, and the advertisement as a whole is nothing but wonderful most of the time. 

But, sometimes seeing something different and unexpected can be super refreshing. What is the ultimate element of unexpected in the fashion world, you ask? Models who happen to be over 50! 

Lauren Hutton is the latest, starring in the latest underwear campaign for Calvin Klein at age 73. Um, can you say goals?! While she has definitely gotten everyone talking, she certainly isn't the first seasoned model to star in a major fashion campaign. 

Check out some other lovely ladies who have made waves in the fashion world below, and proved to everyone that age is not a factor in beauty, elegance, and style!


1. Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is seriously stunning in the latest advertisement for Calvin Klein. Modeling underwear at age 73, I aspire to be half that awesome when I'm her age! 

YouTube |  Today news

2. Christie Brinkley

Christie is a modeling veteran, getting her start on the cover of Sport's Illustrated back in the '70s. In February, at age 63 she returned to the magazine where it all started, and she brought her daughters. 

Instagram |  @christiebrinkley

3. Susan Sarandon

Susan became a new face of L'Oreal Paris at age 69. 

"I was so flattered. The brand has always been a leader in helping in the empowerment and development of women,” Sarandon said in a statement.  

Couldn't agree more! The Rocky Horror Picture Show star looks radiant in this photo.

Instagram |  @susansarandon

4. Bette Midler

Queen Bette Midler starred in the campaign for Marc Jacobs Spring 2016. She looks adorable, blissful, and beautiful, obvi. Seventy has never looked better!

Instagram |  @bettemidler

Bette Midler just became my new #lifegoals.

Here's hoping I'm just as fab when I'm 70. 

Tumblr |  vjbrendan