One of the best things about Pixar and Disney films is that no matter how many times you watch their movies, you will never find all of the hidden details and Easter eggs. There are just way too many!

Thankfully, I live for quick cameos and subtle references. These are some of my favorites! 


1. The beehives in Bee Movie look a lot like gravestones in a graveyard.

This is likely because one of the main jokes in Bee Movie is that bees consider beekeeping to be cruel and exploitative.

I feel like I need to watch Bee Movie again because that movie was honestly ridiculous. 

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2. Baby Moana shows up briefly in Wreck-It Ralph 2.

That screaming child in Wreck-It Ralph 2 definitely looks a lot like baby Moana

Obviously, this cameo wreaks havoc with Disney's timeline, but it's still a cute nod to everyone's favorite Polynesian princess. 


3. Colette from Ratatouille has a burn mark on her forearm that is typical of people who work in kitchens.

If you've ever worked in a kitchen, then you've probably had this exact burn at least once in your life. 

This is a super cool detail that every chef can definitely relate to. 

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4. The flux capacitor from the Back to the Future series shows up in the train in The Polar Express

I'm going to need someone to write a quick fan fiction about how Doc Brown's train from Back to the Future Part III becomes the train from The Polar Express. 

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