I know and understand that red licorice isn't doing me any favors, but that doesn't stop me from wolfing it down in handfuls if you put it in front of me. That's just human nature. Do the food crime now, do the time later. 

But the list of food crimes keeps growing. Seems like every day there's some kind of buzz kill in the news about our favorite foods. It's honestly difficult to keep up with all of the disappointment.

That said, it's important info. Most of the time, when you're indulging in a treat, you have a vague idea that you're not helping your body much. You just don't know how much damage you're doing.

And even knowing the damage you're doing to yourself, giving up a favorite food is hard to do. I just can't say no to that licorice!

What do you think? Will you be giving up on hot dogs after reading this?

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America's favorite ballpark snack was dealt a blow by medical research.

It probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the much-maligned guilty pleasure was targeted for research — nor that the research turned up bad news for hot dog lovers.

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The World Health Organization placed hot dogs  along with bacon and other processed meats  on a list of things that are "carcinogenic to humans".

Yup, that delicious street meat is in the same category as tobacco, asbestos, and formaldehyde for their ability to cause cancer.

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Their study found a strongest link between processed meat and colorectal cancer.

According to the research, every 50 grams of processed meat you eat in a day increases the relative risk of colorectal cancer by 18%.

The trouble starts with the nitrates that come from the salts used to cure meats like hot dogs. Bacteria in your mouth will turn the nitrates into nitrites. The stomach then converts the nitrites into cancer-causing compounds. Antioxidants like vitamin C can counteract the conversion of nitrites into those compounds, but let's face it, the few people who count on hot dogs as a staple in their diet are unlikely to pay attention to how many antioxidants they're getting.

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Now, the study doesn't say that eating hot dogs is as bad as smoking.

Where smokers are 20 times as likely to get cancer as non-smokers, people who eat meat are twice as likely to get cancer as people who don't eat meat. But hot dogs, processed meat, and red meat were all linked to 15 cancers in addition to the colorectal variety.

However, there are more reasons to ease hot dogs out of your routine than cancer.

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