The countdown is on! Beauty and the Beast comes out in March, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is ridiculously excited. I know Disney is excited because they just released beautiful posters of all the characters. But have you seen the doll they released of Belle? The internet immediately noticed it and started pointing out the flaws. But now an artist named Noel Cruz has repainted the Disney doll to look just like Emma. Find out how he transformed the doll!


When Disney released the trailer for Beauty and the Beast, I nearly fell over in my chair.

 Emma looked drop-dead gorgeous in the iconic yellow dress from the cartoon movie. 


But when Disney released the official doll for Belle, the internet had to stop and think. Was that supposed to look like Belle?

Instagram | @mrdarrenscott

Some people on the internet were convinced that the doll looked a bit like Justin Bieber! But an artist decided to fix the doll to make it look more like Emma!