Any Stranger Things fan can tell you that Eleven gets a nosebleed whenever she uses her powers. 

But while we're all for Eleven inspiring Halloween costumes and bath bombs, we're not sure how we feel about the character bleeding over into our everyday condiments. 


This Eleven-inspired ketchup bottle is a tad gory for our tastes.

Of course, this isn't a real Heinz X Stranger Things collab.

It's actually just the work of big-time meme-maker Adam The Creator.

And, evidently, his Photoshop skills are even sicker than his mind.

Instagram |  @adam.the.creator

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the least appetizing photo you will see today. 

Which is worse: Imagining that this ketchup is Eleven's actual blood or the fact that ketchup is being squeezed onto an Eggo?

Instagram |  @adam.the.creator

Apparently it's the ketchup on the Eggo part.

Yeah, never mind the blood thing. The real question here is this:

What kind of animal would put ketchup on waffles?

It's a culinary abomination. It's anti-American. It's what Satan would eat.

Netflix |  Inverse - Instagram |  @adam.the.creator

Still, a few people can't wait to get their hands on a bottle.

Looks like there might actually be a market for this.

Somebody set up a meeting between Adam, Netflix, and Heinz, STAT!

Heinz did make purple and green ketchup back in 2000, so they're probably down for anything. 

Netflix |  NME - Instagram |  @adam.the.creator

We kinda, sorta, maybe want a bottle, too.

We can get past the whole blood thing, but that image of ketchup on waffles will be burned into our memories for years to come.

You know what? Never mind. This whole idea should probably just remain as a meme.


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