9. Chinese Takeout

Stop struggling to find the bottom of your takeout box and unfold it into an easy platter. 

10. French Toast

Want to add a little extra crunch to your french toast? Try encrusting your bread with bits of cereal!


11. Cupcakes

Did we just blow your mind? I assume your answer is yes.

12. Soda

Don't you hate when the straw in your soda can floats all over the place? Well take a look at this!

13. Bananas

It may seem like bananas should be peeled from the stem, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Next time you want to eat a banana try peeling it from the opposite side. Just squeeze that little nub on the end. You'll be happily surprised.=!

Main image via Blessings
Collage image via Mashable