So, we did a survey around the office, and determined that I was the perfect example of the ultimate time-waster. I spend most of my day in a pronounced slouch, making it look like I'm doing my job by constantly looking upset. I learned long ago from the great George Costanza, that if you look upset, people will think you're busy. It works. Every time. In the office, in customer service, as a part-time clown at the circus. It always works.

While I've perfected this art, I unfortunately don't have the same level of creativity as these people who still know how to accomplish SOMETHING while at the same time doing nothing. Kudos to them. Hopefully I'll one day be able to mirror their impressive time-wasting skills. 

Until then, you can probably find me hiding under my desk taking my third cat-nap of the workday. 


1. "After 7 hours of hard work, this strawberry is finally suitable for consumption" –some maniac, probably 

reddit |  Asmithamongsmiths

2. Apple's marketing campaigns are getting out of hand


3. I've barely mastered stick figures... 

4. Take us to your leader! 

5. Screenshots from Titanic 2