Mornings are hard enough without having to worry about how you're going to style your hair that day. I'm always running behind — it's just who I am as a person — and because of that, I need hairstyles that are quick and easy. Sometimes it seems like quick hairstyles seem to compromise on cuteness, but these 16 hairstyles are easy and chic! Whether you like to wear your hair up or down, there are options for both.

Personally, I love to wear my hair down and curly, but I never have time to curl it in the mornings — I can't wait to try out the five-minute curls tutorial!


1. This easy chignon is perfect for the office. 

Start by twisting both sides of your hair, and then secure your hair into a low ponytail.  

2. Then make a small hole between the base of your head and the ponytail, and pull your hair through. Roll the remaining hair up and secure it with bobby pins.


3. The twisted halo is cute and easy!

Simply twist back a small section of hair and pin it to the middle of your head. Then repeat the same step with the other side of your head, but this time tuck the section of hair behind the first twisted section and then pin it. 

4. Gorgeous, right?