Trying to keep a home organized can be incredibly tough. You start to pack things away without any rhyme or reason, and suddenly you don't know what is where. Plus, you need extra storage space, but how would you do that in a small area? 

With these, that's how. Here are 15 solutions to add space to ANY home.


1. Kitchen Sink Storage Trays

Trays allow you to use space that's normally too far back. Make your life easier by adding trays under your sink.

2. Back-of-Door Shelving

Utilize the back of your cupboards for extra storage.


3. Behind Closet Door Storage

By adding shelving to the doors of your closet, you free up ample space within and have a more organized space. 

4. Tray Divider

Some cupboards tend to be taller, so there's wasted space as most kitchen items aren't particularly tall to begin with. Add a tray divider to utilize that space.

5. Loft For Kids

If your house has no dedicated space for a playroom, why not convert unused space in your foyer? All it takes is a little handiwork!