There's no shortage of picture-based puzzles on the internet. Usually, they involve finding one colorful character hidden in a busy cartoon scene. Or it can be a perfectly normal drawing. Regardless, there's always a selection of small objects or words camouflaged throughout the image.

But it's not often you get one that's a painting. Someone carefully used their talent to paint a realistic picture of a nice scene, but hid a bunch of collectible images in it as a nice bonus. Unfortunately, today's picture had spread across the internet so much that it's hard to tell who actually painted it. But that's shouldn't stop us from playing, right?

This time, we're going to see how many tigers we can find in a picture that's chock-full of them.

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At first, this challenge might seem like a joke.

After all, these four tigers show up as clear as day.

Facebook |  Alex Rodriguez

But when you see the rest of the picture, it starts to make sense.

As you look around, the background starts to show more of them than you might expect.

Facebook |  Alex Rodriguez

In fact, there are tigers everywhere!

So now the challenge is more about making sure you don't miss any.

Captivation Pics - Zhouyousifang

So now it's up to you. Can you find them all?

On the next page, you'll see where they all are and how many you're supposed to look for.

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