Love handles are notorious for being almost impossible to burn off. We attack them again and again with classic stomach crunches, but they continue staring us right in the face, laughing at your despair. If a million crunches don't take away these hated fat zones, what will? In a recent Huffington Post articleKyla Gagnon, a British Columbia-based fitness trainer details some scientifically-proven ways to incinerate those pesky love handles, once and for all. 

You have to see this list of 8 proven ways to tighten up those oblique abs, the muscles being hidden by your handles. 

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You've likely done tons of standard crunches...

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...and the love handles still grace your figure.

Here are some incredibly simple ways to shed that side fat.


1. Bicycle Crunches!

This modified crunch targets the sides of your abdominals better, the same place that those handles sit.

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2. Side plank dips

This is a variant of the plank that will make your core burn like crazy. Put your arm at a 90-degree angle (alternate between left and right side). Dip your hip 10-12 times on one side and then switch.