When I was a really little kid, I used to tell people that I was going to be a doctor when I grew up. It was one of those things that you believe without fully considering all the factors. I mean, I never once considered how many years of school it would take, how hard I would have to work and just how gross some of the stuff doctors do is. In my mind, life was about picking what you wanted to do, and then doing it. But don't worry — before long I started to realize all these things, and began my life with a much more realistic point of view. But that doesn't mean that I'm no longer fascinated with the medical world. 

In fact, I've found other ways to satisfy my medical curiosities over the years. Ever hear of a TV drama known as hospital drama? I used to watch shows like E.R. nonstop! But even if you've seen every single episode more than once, I guarantee there is a ton of stuff you never realized about the show and the people involved. Check it out. 


1. They used a ton of hospital scrubs.

Believe it or not, someone actually did the math to decipher just how many hospital scrubs the show used over its 15 year run. That number is somewhere near 130,000 sets of scrubs...

2. The show actually saved lives.

2. The show actually saved lives.

Many viewers have claimed that they discovered their own medical emergencies after watching them highlighted on the show. A 28-year-old woman in Texas actually discovered she had a brain tumor because her tongue went out to the side, just like Dr. Greene’s tongue did in the show!


3. Several actors have actually asked to be killed off the show.

Maura Tierney desperately wanted off the show and asked the writers to kill her character. However, after offering her a juicier storyline, Tierney stayed. Others who asked to be killed off were Kellie Martin and Anthony Edwards. 

Their requests were met. 


4. Eriq La Salle actually asked that one of his character's relationships be written off the show.

Remember when Dr. Benton and Dr. Corday were getting it on? Well La Salle actually asked for their on-screen relationship to end because he felt that it was ridiculous that all of his relationships with black characters failed, but his one relationship with a white woman was perfect. 

5. George Clooney literally begged for an audition.

Clooney had yet to find his breakthrough role at the time the show was being cast, and had somehow heard of this hot new hospital drama. He was so adamant on getting a part that he literally just showed up to the office and refused to leave without an audition!


6. The show cost a fortune to make.

By the time the show reached its full potential of popularity, it was costing somewhere around $9 million per episode to make. 

Probably had something to do with this handsome guy.


7. The entire pilot episode was actually filmed in a real hospital.

There simply wasn't enough time or money to build a hospital set, so the producers actually rented out a recently closed-down hospital. 

8. Nurse Hathaway was supposed to be killed off eventually.

She was actually supposed to die in the pilot episode, but the chemistry between her and George Clooney's character was so strong that the producers decided to give her a chance. 


9. It was extremely medically accurate. 

Apparently the producers tried to make the show as medically accurate as possible, while still keeping audiences interested. 

Maybe that's why so many fans have actually diagnosed themselves!


10. Noah Wyle actually saved a man's life once.

While filming a show in Africa later on in his career, one of the crew members passed out from the heat. Wyle Wyle took a functioning IV, stuck a needle in him, and revived him with a bag of saline. 

He actually learned how to do it while researching his doctor role years earlier. 


11. Wyle also fought through mono and a 104-degree fever to finish a scene. 

He was actually hallucinating before shooting, so a medic gave him an IV, and he shot the scene with a bag of saline in his pocket!

12. Clooney wasn't just trying to be cute when he hung his head.

Apparently he had written down some of his more complicated lines on a clipboard and was actually checking his notes. I legit thought he was just being coy. 


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