Most people would agree that parenting isn't easy. But every parent would tell you that the challenges are all worth it in the end.

I don't yet have kids to call my own, so this is dedicated to all of the wonderful mommies and daddies out there, especially my own.

Some great tips to help you out, coming right up! I hope you enjoy.

1. If you're going on an outing and your child is a runner, give them a temporary tattoo!

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2. I have to say, this is quite ingenious:
Use old lotion bottles to help your little one reach the water!


3. Squeeze Me Mittens are the best solution to cold hands and lost mittens.

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4. Use a pacifier to administer medication by simply poking a hole at the end and sticking a dropper in it.


5. Hats that double as a Knight's Helmet are your new best friend!funny-parenting-tips-and-life-hacks-13-1

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