Most people would agree that parenting isn't easy. But every parent would tell you that the challenges are all worth it in the end.

I don't yet have kids to call my own, so this is dedicated to all of the wonderful mommies and daddies out there, especially my own.

Some great tips to help you out, coming right up! I hope you enjoy.

1. If you're going on an outing and your child is a runner, give them a temporary tattoo!

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2. I have to say, this is quite ingenious:
Use old lotion bottles to help your little one reach the water!


3. Squeeze Me Mittens are the best solution to cold hands and lost mittens.

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4. Use a pacifier to administer medication by simply poking a hole at the end and sticking a dropper in it.


5. Hats that double as a Knight's Helmet are your new best friend!funny-parenting-tips-and-life-hacks-13-1

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6. Use a pool noodle to keep little fingers safe from slamming doors!

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7. Let them loose with this outfit on and watch while they clean and crawl! Even the baby can help with the chores now.

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8. You'll never have to pretend you forgot which twin was which anymore.
Introducing Twin A and Twin B outfits:


9. This looks comfy! Just make sure to be safe and tie the knot tight!


10. If they seem to think it is fun to pull out the straw and make a mess, then use a crazy straw upside-down! That way, it will never fall or get pulled out!

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11. This entertainment will last forever if you're careful with them!


12. Collapsing blanket in your forts?  No problem, use a fan to keep the blanket up. The bonus is that you'll always know your little camper has enough fresh air to stay comfortable!


13. Tear-free showering is possible for babies too!

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14. So their out of the crib but falling out of the bed. Solution? Stick a pool noodle under their fitted sheet!

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15. I love this one! Some water and an old spray bottle go a long way when combined with some cute monster stickers. Simply spray in the room to keep those "pests" away!


16. Use a recognizable sticker to help them identify which way their shoes go!

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17. I think I might start doing this one! Sticky messes are in the past.


18. This is one way to keep everyone on the plane happy!

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19. Now you don't need to throw out the crib!


20. Bribery? Kind of, but so smart.

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21. I have to say, I'm glad we had dial up when I was a kid. This will be a great trick for when my kids grow up.

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22. Tooth fairy money looking a bit boring? Decorate it with some glitter.
Side note: it looks like the Tooth Fairy's prices raise like gas prices! I remember when $2 was all I got!

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23. A great way to ensure that the toys stay nearby.

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24. Keep your banisters good as new (until your kids start coloring on them)... Use a zip tie for those baby gates.

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25. I like this idea. Bring a little sparkle to those time outs!
Fill a bottle 3/4 of the way with water, some glitter glue, and some fine glitter. For each time out, flip the bottle over and have your little one sit patiently as the glitter settles. It might calm them down, plus, it will keep them still--because the more movement, the longer the glitter will take to settle, and the longer their time out will last.

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26. Would it be okay if I used this as a grown up?

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27. Discipline done right:

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28. The smartest daddy in the world:

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29. When you have a swing set in your backyard and you know you'll be doing it often, invest in a long string. It will be well worth it.Parent Hacks for Life Traps: 26 Brilliant Ideas Every Parent Needs To Know 61


30. The easiest way to keep your toilet seats clean!

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Such great ideas! If you have more, please post some pictures! We'd love to see your innovative parenting skills.

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