The internet is a seriously strange's full of quirks, oddities, and extremely bizarre situations that you never thought you'd see in your entire life. You know when people say "I've seen it all, I can die now", well, you can now say that because thanks to the massive and strange digital world, you probably would have seen it all. 

Like, have you ever seen a guy jump into a toilet painted like a rainbow? I didn't think so. You're in for a treat, you just wait and see...


1. This is what nightmares are made of.

2. Is this from another Russian dating profile?

3. A dog needs to unwine (get it?) after a long day of barking at his own tail.

4. Did you notice the UPS truck in the back? Probably not considering some guy took a sewing machine to the prom and decided to immortalize it forever in a picture.

imgur |  LA Rock