What comes to mind when you see a bar of soap? Baths? Showers? Cleanliness? Probably something along those lines, right? While soap is a common, household item that is normally used to clean things and may seem too simple to have multiple uses, its versatility can actually benefit everyone.

To find out how helpful a bar of soap can really be in your daily life, check out the list of related hacks below! 


1. Prevent Bathroom Mirror Fog

Rubbing a bar of soap all over your bathroom mirror and then wiping it away will create a barrier that prevents fog buildup during hot showers.

2. Remove A Broken Light Bulb

If the bottom of a light bulb gets stuck in the socket, use a bar of soap to twist it out. Just make sure the power is off before attempting this hack!


3. Fill In Nail Holes

Rub a bar of soap over holes in your walls to fill them in.

4. Freshen Up Your Car

4. Freshen Up Your Car
Kzenon |  Shutterstock

If your car has a funky smell, throw a few bars of soap in it. They'll act as deodorizers and give the interior a fresh, clean scent.